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I  think the word for the day ,should be gratitude.For the ability ,not of our own power, but that of another,much more powerful to keep us sustained, throughout adversity , or even through peaceful times…Right now ,it seems,even the simplest of actions, of showing gratitude, reveals so much  about the soul of humanity….a supposedly,”mere ” gesture  of saying “Thank You”,to the One Who created the Universe….and that He protects us day and night…those whose hope is found in Him…people  have lost the  sense of gratitude…that one should have ,no matter what.

Gratitude ,for the race we are ,as human beings….the gender He made us to be …He doesn’t make mistakes…we are the ones prone to mistake making…. mankind driven,exploits  on a planet we didn’t create….but seem hell bent on destroying.If we don’t destroy the planet ,we will destroy ourselves first…and do you think God is grateful for  that? NO…He is grateful for His Remnant ,that will survive….

I say my “morning Prayers” every morning as best I can …and before I even do that …I simply open my eyes,and say “Thank You”,to the one Who ultimately holds this planet ,and all life in His Hand….even mine…

He has given me every reason  to keep going ,when there didn’t seem to be one…even when it didn’t seem like I was worthy….of mercy …or grace…and I am grateful for that..


When we start to take things and people for granted,all that’s left is a waste,a void….and we  hold nothing  sacred …we regard those things which kept us as good… and reverse it…when in fact it is us  that are lacking….yet His grace is sufficient…I have to count my blessings…. because despite my failings, I am truly blessed beyond  measure.


I am simply…..Grateful.






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