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I have lived in the Midwest for 6 years(this time…).Before that I  lived in the Southeast U.S. for almost 3 decades,and before that.a short stint in the Midwest then too… and a little time was spent in New York and Pennsylvania….and if my sparse memory serves me right…a really short amount of time in Oklahoma too…

I was born in Indiana…. oh yeah,I am a born Midwesterner ,I guess…

  I can also tell you ,about my experience,as much as was recounted to me…. about my  dealings with a condition called “water-on-the-brain”….or technically known as hydrocephalus.It’s pretty awful at its worst…I can say that  much ,which I can remember.I am graced with life ,only because God has allowed it….some aren’t  nearly as fortunate…wait… maybe they are in a different way.

“I am often reminded of how blessed I am…even though sometimes, the reminders  get obscured….”


I was married ,had children…. didn’t  always meet my “goals” in life , because I would  forget the main one….but then again ,we all can get side-tracked on the road to life,the question is…,”Do we  stay at a “dead-end” street , or can we ,if we are willing,turn around ,change course,or adjust the sail?”I had to ask myself that a lot.Who is running my life the best??Me? Nope…. it has to be someone who actually knows what they’re doing…. That one is God ,Himself.I have had to lean on Him ,my whole entire life ,and He knows it ,and He never tells me ,how much of a burden I am , by leaning on Him and His understanding..He is compassionate,He doesn’t burden me with so much  ,that I cannot function ,otherwise ,what’s the point of functioning,if you can’t?






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