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I am reminded of Psalm 23:”The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want.He makes me lie in green pastures,He leads me beside still waters.He leads me in paths of Righteousness,for His Name’s sake.Even though I walk through the Valley of Death,I shall fear no evil,for Thou art with Me.Your rod and your staff they comfort Me.Thou prepares a table for me ,before my enemies….Thou anoints my head with oil,my cup,runs over.Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,and I shall live in the House of the Lord forever.”

 This is said at every eulogy, that I have ever heard ,it is usually the last thing said ,before a person’s body is lowered to their resting place. Today,five civil authorities, people who swore to uphold the law of the land , to put their lives on hold ,and their freedoms too,for the sake of protecting fellow human beings…someone’s father, someone’s brother,someone’s husband ,someone’s friend….all died upholding their oath to protect people ,ultimately, from themselves.

 It is nationally televised, with their exact locations known, of the fellow officers and families ,and dignitaries too…everyone with their handkerchiefs in full use…..what of their safety ,since everyone knows……and not just officers, their families too….When are we going to learn that too much information is a bad thing , that opportunists will take advantage of other people’s grief……When are we going to learn as a nation that to give our position all the time ,means we cannot even play poker correctly….we don’t need to bluff, because certain things, people take for granted…..are too easily being shown ….

 That’s right we hand over our freedom of privacy ,in this day and age we are all to eager to let everyone know, what we do EVERY SECOND of the day ….and we wonder why it is we are such easy prey. In this world we have now ,we have people (supposedly human) who are taking on the role of predator,instead of that of Peacemaker….do we expect God to bless that?

 We need to shut our mouths ,and only give the details which won’t throw others in the line of fire….because that’s not responsible journalism , nor is it American….I heard this phrase and I do believe it’s biblical,”Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”Social media ,is a gathering place for antisocial people too…people who look at your posts ,and pictures and know everything about you…because you give it away too freely…we have enemies on all sides, checking for a weakness…….how much information is TOO much…..When do we learn THAT lesson …

As far as the protests ,why don’t people pray instead…..?That’s the most conducive answer ,to all this unnecessary bloodshed!Only God can heal this country ,but we have to want to let Him,rhetoric solves nothing ,shooting people solves nothing ,except for the gravedigger’s allowance…..Who will write our country’s eulogy if people succeed in killing it for us?????There won’t be any one left!


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