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Courageous Conversations…

I first heard this simple phrase when I was speaking with an online friend..Let me simply call her “Jane”.She is a lively, spirited woman in her early seventies…I am guessing here.She was the first one I ever knew to coin it….that is one valuable little piece of currency , and one  can  make an investment on it…with ….interest!


The first word is “Courageous”. It means to be brave in whatever it is,that one should encounter..It takes plenty of “bravery” to admit a flawed judgement…or that you disagree ,because of  having a different perception…one person begs in it ,to be right……the other cannot …possibly..be…we often have to have bravery to thrust ourselves head long into the mire….that’s the slippery part.

The second word is “conversation”…speaking ,communicating…..much like the mire,muck, or muddiness we  see as we slosh about in the physical sense…the same is also true here….we trudge through , hoping to get to a higher ground ,where no one is drowning in doubt , no one has to endure battle scars,from a conversation ,and we all find peace…thus becoming as my sister would say,”the better part of Valor.”



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