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Unceasing Prayer

“The prayers of a righteous man,avails much”. This is found in the Bible,and even Jesus prayed unceasing for humanity.He still does…in the heavenly Holy of Holies….He is the fulfillment of all good things…and Love ,is His motivation.

How can a person ,do anything else ,other than have love for humanity ,while in prayer?I have never heard of someone wanting to kill someone ,while praying to God…because praying is not an invocation to kill…. but rather to seek ,Life…

If someone holds any weapon ,against anything, it is the weapon of Love ..which conquers all…God is Love…and those who follow Him, Love as  He loved…live as He lived…not easy to do..some days..

People have warned   others,against repetitive,and vain prayers….what does that mean?That we cannot repeat the Lord’s Prayer? Or the Jesus Prayer?We cannot seek intercession?Hmm…Yet ,Jesus ….CONTINUALLY,intercedes  for US…and it is said in the Book of Revelation…that God does seek counsel ,with His angels..His existence spans beyond time….. and what WE claim to know is ,VERY limited…….

The heart ceases to beat,when the job,in life is done….so until then,I  have to go with God on this…I will continue ,to pray ,unceasing…..and let all the naysayers,against my way of praying become silent …so that in the stillness…He will hear my prayers…

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