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Prayers for Peace

This phrase isn’t just in liturgical responses  anymore,it has blended  int o songs by secular music artists….with the same theme…a reminder  that we ,as  a species ,regard prayer ,or petitions,as a Higher form  of communication.

In the Orthodox Divine Liturgy…we see it in the requests of the Celebrants ,or priests,to the Congregants…we have a necessity to request ,in these more  recent days, to petition God…to guide us toward Peace,to pray for those  put in power over us , to be guided toward ,peaceful and Just decisions…something that the Adversary of all that is good and Holy …hates….

When we come together to pray for peace ,we are of One…accord….and He  hears the voices of His Faithful….rise up together ,in unison ,and Love…. for the whole of humanity…Where one has Peace, chaos ,cannot exist…it runs away ,because it has no power over the One Who gives us Peace that passes all understanding ,amidst the “storm of life on earth….The “Last Days ” have been since that  time that He Ascended….He said ,and I believe Him ,that He would send a Comforter….

He said He would NEVER leave ,nor forsake us,even to the ends of the earth……and He will grant to those ,whose endurance is to the end……the answer to their petition ….and give them a Peace,like they have never known…

Only …God….can do that.

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