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Where do we go from “here”…

Every day,it seems….we think we have it all planned out, and for awhile,it seems to agree with us ,and what we  plan ,seems to to work according to “plan”….God knows where each  goes,and when ,that is a certainty ,for us who believe in someone  who manages our lives ,better than we ever could.

WE have calendars affixed to walls, and  even more present, in our digital devices….to remind us that we must do something ,at a certain time….on a certain date…lest we forget ….the “who” (is us)..the “when ” (is the appointed time we must  be at ,or be doing something)..the “what “(is that thing to do)…how many  of us ,use the calendar  to appropriate time, for “unscheduled” events….sickness,death,calamity,misfortune?None that I know of…because somewhere,someone,sometime……has been put on that schedule…I am no stranger to that …I doubt anyone is….

The question ,speaks volumes…..even without an outright answert…because Only God knows…

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2 thoughts on “Where do we go from “here”…

  1. Please ,don’t be shy …I welcome any comments that anyone may have….Thanks to those who responded to this thus far…..hopefully I can definitely come up with something that you will enjoy!

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