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Things the world tells us we should do…VS..What God says to do…

The world says “we need “self esteem”,God says ,”We are to esteem others over ourselves.’.

The world says,”Chase your dreams.”…God says”Seek after Him.”

The world says,”embrace your individuality.”…God says ,”We are One in Christ!”

The world says,”Be independent!”…God says “Depend on Him!”

The world says,”Love Thyself!”…God says ,”Love your neighbor as yourself!”

The world says,”The world is your oyster!”….God says ,”Store up your Treasures in Heaven!”

The world says,”Go after what you want!”God says,”I am all you will ever need!”

The world will tempt you,lie to you,manipulate you,degrade you ,try to destroy you,will even attempt to kill you…..yet ,don’t forget ,the world HATED Him ,first……The Enemy wants to steal what is  Good in us, kill what is Good for us….and will Destroy our spirit by any means it  sees  to be an opportunity…yet the world forgets,and so does its “ruler” ,that it’s time is limited….And God knows what is going on …….He knows all about warfare….. He is the One Defeated it ,first!Take heart……. because ……God wins!!!!!!






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