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A shared mindset…

I am going out on a limb,and am proceeding  to expound on a short  phrase that  one of my gracious commenters had said,that we have a “shared mindset”…we as  human beings are social “animals” for lack of better word here….We as a collective species ,in our like -mindedness,can do great things to build this world up,or  quite the opposite,lead it to utter destruction.

Conspiracy theorists look  for the “hidden things”…the “a-ha” it’s a conspiracy…well they are partially right,with their vain imaginings…..tying 3+5 together  and coming up with whatever answer suits their mob mentality ….to basically say ,oh ,so and so did this….ahem .PEOPLE did this…doesn’t matter who….

We gravitate toward like mindsets because I believe the more knowledge we collectively have,the more powerful it seems…. yet things aren’t always as they seem….If  someone says hey ,mankind has  kept  to themselves a cure for cancer…it…doesn’t surprise me….but then again we have a generation that believes  everything they read on Google….we  believe other human sources,because they  get  good at writing a Thesis ….or term paper in their college course ,after a scant  time with “research.”

Theologically it’s the same way….what people  don’t realize ,is we were built  to be  a collective,”help each other” species….to be of like mindedness….to share life ,not destroy it with conspiracies and doubt….as a  rock song says …”Paranoia….will destroy Ya”.



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