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I think too much…

I have heard that a lot in my life…..that I over think things ,am analytical…..given the alternatives ,and the less than stellar prognoses  handed to me  by men of learned stature…I suppose I could say…I think ..therefore..I live!!!!!!People  think that having a thought process is easy ,that we should aspire to be their version  of Intellectual….ha…that’s almost funny…. because according to past “tests” ,one most recent … in 2008,or  close to it…. I have the “intellect of a junior in High School”…..and I am 45….

On one hand ,I could be severely insulted………yet naahh….. why? That’s what they would expect me to do …the 45 year old in me  says ,in a voice much like my own mother’s….I am younger ,intellectually than most 45 year old people … so that means,in the intellect of a junior in High School…. I could say “Bite me???” Naw….. not gonna do that either….

Instead ,what this 45 year old  has learned…. is to watch every one else…. smart people make bigger mistakes….the first one is generally…that they are smarter ,better ,faster, more knowledgeable….than anyone else…. and they are very liberal about telling people that!!!!!I managed…. with  help…. to get my GED,and land with a 95% score on it?Not bad for a 45 year old  with the mind of a junior in High School….

I can laugh at that!

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