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When one walks outside in the evening air…most times ,we will see street lamps glow,along the streets,so that we are not completely in the dark.Our path ,wherever we travel, has been lit…

We ask Him to “be a Light upon our path”so that we shall know our course.We ask Him to illumine us……shine the Light ,so that all men may see His Good works!!!!!!!Never meant to be hidden….always a beacon of light…..even in the dark….

I used to sleep with a night light on ,when I was a child…..and for awhile….as an adult….I stopped  using them ,saying I don’t need to sleep with a night light anymore,I am a big girl….

Now….I have them throughout my home….so when the big lights go off….and the house  goes quiet… should I necessarily stir in the middle of the night…those lights….shine enough ,so that  I know where to  guide my steps….assuring that I don’t knock into anything ….or fall..a lot can be said for those little lights….and the street lamps,or anything which keeps the light shining…..

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