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Perfection on earth?

Is it possible…to find perfection on earth,amid the chaos?We see floods,even more frequently than before…we see destruction,on a larger scale ,than what was ever known,yet….is Perfection still alive ,on earth?Only in those things ,untouched by men.

God created everything,there is nothing that has been created,that He  doesn’t know about. There is a distinct difference between the things God creates….vs., those which mankind lauds themselves  for creating…

God, Perfectly,and in Good order,created things to last….eternally….incorruptible..Man ,creates things,that are corruptible……that rust and moth can destroy…God can see to it ,that our clothes and footwear never wear out ,so that we  have no necessity for  other things…if we seemingly have no food….and are to ask ,He gives it….even if it is something we  may not consider….and we are to receive ,Perfection…..His…gladly….with cheerfulness…

Our idea of Perfection is exclusive,while God  does His level best to include everyone on the possibility of being Perfected ….by His doing ,not our own….even at our highest standard of perfection….we still lack greatly….as  if we have the market cornered on perfection???

It left our being,after the Separation , due to the Fall of Man…. we ,through Christ….have another chance,given to us by God ,Himself, to become incorruptible….. we have to get there first….because we lost our way…..yet He is the Compass,which  points to  the Source of all Perfection,and Holiness….

He will make it Perfect again….

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