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What do we  normally do while waiting on something?We call someone… clean our houses..do yard work …..some do nothing….in idleness….

When we want to do something……we are “on it”….we cannot be deterred….we are focused ,because there is somewhere to go…a thing we must be doing…what about as we “wait” at a stoplight? We wait at the checkout….at the doctor’s office?

Some of us pray,unnoticed ,by others….to God…to increase our patience….to get us home safely, to keep us from “grumbling”,because someone inconvenienced us…. to shine on our countenance…..so that it shines brightly….to give us courage…..when we need to be  brave…..

Anticipation,comes with waiting……anxiety is the  anticipation of things ,brought on  by worry, and fear….while the other kind , waits on the greeting of a loved one , long missed…

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