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Battle lines…

I read recently  throughout what I have read in the Old Testament ,that a King directs the positioning of His  Army.Those enlisted ,are people of valor, and might….They know though,not to break Command…lest the enemy prevail…

The  strategic placement of these soldiers,in the Army,are according to their  expertise,and strength.A well thought out strategy, for overcoming any adversary,is first  done ,by accessing the wisdom of those who know the Adversary and his ploys,for even he has a weakness….which is underestimating the power of  someone who is guided by God.,,,yet we are strongly cautioned that should we  deviate from said strategy,we endanger not just our own lives , but those ,who are in our company….

My dad used to say,”I caught you ,when you weren’t looking….” That is to say,I let my attention wander ,as the flesh is often beckoned to do.

We are told that it is a spiritual warfare,and that the consequence for not staying in the array ,as prescribed…spells,under no uncertain terms…..death….. but more than physical…it means a complete removal of us from existence ,under His protection!

The line has been drawn….

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