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Best friends…

My quantity of friends…has grown over the years….Yet,the best of those are a scant few..I have a ton of acquaintances,but the net worth of those ,compared with my closest partners in crime….doesn’t outweigh the fewer,of my closest of  confidants.We are indeed ,”family”….in an extended version of the word…these are people who later in your life ,after you met your family,became the most likely to succeed,in knowing who yo really are…and love you in spite of yourself.

My best friends….are some of my own family…. my sister ,especially….she was  my “first ever,bestie”….and we  would talk about anything and everything you can think of…..we  brushed each others  hair…. and  just were all around ..”goofy” .She was the  “prototype”by which all of my  friends would be measured…

They know when to make me laugh….and they aren’t shy about it…they even know  how to bring out the “big guns”,and make me laugh so hard,I snort… yes…I said….snort!

With that there is unconditional love…..and I could cite  some very quote worthy “memes”….but if you really must have that last point..elaborated upon…then I say…by all means,check out Facebook….there is more than enough ample supply to keep you engaged.

Best friends are  the highest quality of friendship on can have ,apart from the One we model all our relationships after,and that’s Jesus Himself…

Therefore I can end this  by stating ….”Besties are the bestest best friends……………EVER!!!!”

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