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Beauty in a well of tears..

One day I remember waking up,and i felt ,even as I awakened…this overwhelmingly  inescapable torrent of sadness….I lie awake,wondering if I should  let my feet  hit the floor ,and  assume the start of my day,yet there were tears in my eyes….

It didn’t seem as there could be anything wrong…at first glimpse ,I was fretful of nothing…nor was I in any pain  visibly..I was grateful God had blessed me  with yet another chance to embrace the new day…

After I had dried my tears ,i proceeded to do as i normally would , by boiling my water for my instant  coffee…nothing to cry over ,there….yet  it still nagged at me…over the course of the afternoon,it was if a cyclic storm had  taken over me…no matter if I changed the  tunes I listened to,it didn’t help chase away the “blues”….

So I cried some more….and more and more….I was a piteous sight indeed…even for me…

I guess my heart  was run dry .

Most people would want to stop someone from crying,because they  just can’t bear it…..we they aren’t holding  onto that well of tears……..that will eventually turn into something beautiful….

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