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Hydrocephalus and Me

At an early age ,3 weeks to be exact,I would be  tethered to this word…and would have to remember ,that it…wasn’t my first name….it didn’t  have to describe my emotions…it facilitated  a lot of them….this is true… or more accurately ,it skewed  some of them  up royally…

People wouldn’t know what to expect  from someone like me…at first glimpse I was a cute kid…with a myriad of things wrong with her….comprehension ,back then, had to be re-learned over and over again…and who could deal with someone ,who  needed time after time of one on one instruction ,because after someone drills into your head, you think they would put a screw into it , to keep the lessons from falling out….that’s a joke there…

It’s not easy to joke about pain,because really… it’s just not that funny….nor is losing consciousness….when all you want to do is stay alert ,but your so tired , you phase out…

I will have this word attached to me  for the rest of my life ….

I can say what positive impact it does have ,despite any pain I went through…..I have met people who  have increased  awareness of this condition…at the same time  fighting to stop ignorance  surrounding the stigma of this …if it weren’t for me preceding many , there would be less ,to say “hey I have it too…I understand why you are as you are….and you’re one of the reasons I am here…. “And that yes…I am awesome!

God is Truly Awesome!


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