Terrelyn's Blog

My sense of humor

Is understood  by few,

misunderstood  by many

they have no idea  how I think such things…

Let me clue you in on some of it…

“my head has a water park in it”,translation is I have a plumbing issue that only a neurosurgeon  can maintain….

When looking someone straight in the eyes..”Who are you looking at …?First of all I can look at you  with one eye …and  play dot to dot on the wall  to my left ,with the other one….”It’s impossible ,to straighten these eyes”…let me close the one I hardly use…..translation ,the lazy eye…it just hangs around attached to my  face …. …so I appear somewhat “normal”.

Answering a telemarketer’s phone  call:”Hi this is Amy Whatshername…..I am calling on behalf of …So and So Inc…I am calling to ask you if you would  like to give me your opinion  on things that matter in current events today.”Are you “Ms. Pronounced Myname”?May I speak to the aformentioned…..?Care to complete a brief survey ?Well hello Amy,who wants to know? First before I complete your survey,I need to ask you to complete a survey of  mine if you have the time….Do you care to ………….(CLICK-telemarketer hangs up!) They hardly think that one is funny….

Q:Are you Christian?A: “Well YES I AM…..my blood type is ICXC-NIKA! any  other questions?

Q:Do you attend church?A: I have in the past ,I would like to again,how much do you charge  for mileage?

This one is my personal favorite:WHICH party affiliation do you claim? You mean there’s a party? And they want to be affiliated with ME? cool….. LET ME ALERT THE PRESS… as if they  have nothing else to  talk about than MY party affiliations ….. ( I just thought  of the last several ones here…)…(Author busts out laughing….)




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