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Portrait of a Lady

Rays of sunshine  pour through the windows,as if to say that the room in which it shines still holds a glimmer of  life…yet in the emptied room..above the mantle piece….perches a lady ,leveled and straight…as she had always been,since she was put aloft that wall…

Forget the windowed frames….. her frame is  embodied affixed to a canvas, enriched by the careful strokes  of an artist ,long ago known…

Her figure ,sits poised,as if frozen in time ….as it is ,laid upon the canvas…she sits elegantly ,poised perfectly…..and her smile is that  of wisdom,tho’ one is hard pressed to guess her age ,her eyes not willing to give such propriety ,away.

Her dress,flows as it should… it’s color  not gaudy,nor mundane…it is of softness ,and femininity,yet  it holds every assurance of  appearances assigned to dignity….

The back round complements  her finely appointed features,as if to accentuate  her regal visage…

This room, she now resides over ,is all but barren , the furniture gone ,the sounds of life nonexistent…One wonders as to why she is left all alone…

Such a portrait ,of a wonderful lady ,shant ever be left alone ,in rooms without life…..

yet through it all…whether  the room be lively or dim ,her  face remains poised  to greet in an eternal ,yet graceful ….hello.


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