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Reminders of my past life…

Once upon a time there lived a young woman….naively given to such pursuits as romance ,beguiling her to believe that white knights existed.She never dreamed ,even in her imaginings…..that she would have no home… for a girl of her mindset was a princess,and every man ,a prince.If he held her, he would always regard her highly,as she believed she should….she never thought ,he would say  words , that  made her  feel unworthy…

She was  a warrior  on the inside,yet she was tired of fighting monsters,and not those under her bed, or enclosed in her closeted mind…she thought she had found an ally…someone worth protecting her “honor’….

She had dreamed  of castles…….not tents ,nor hovels…. when she  perceived  lying with her love under the stars,she never imagined  being far from the shelter,should a storm approach…She believed he would care for her….as all good men would do…without a prompt….never in a million years would she ever have to become someone else’s  serving wench….

This young woman ,has grown up…past visions of princes,and castles….. and is no longer naive….for those fairy  tale trappings ,they belong in a book…and she ,can rely on something much more real than an imaginary ….”prince”.

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