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Writing as One of My Strengths

It came to me as being one of my strengths,borne out of weakness…it emphasized ,that even though others had mastery in other things,I would be one to learn how to be a master of expression,for my sake..and maybe, that of others.
The first time I was noticed ,regarding this ,was when I was an awkward teenager.An English assignment.A month’s worth of work ,diligently noted,in every thought that would be eventually transcribed to paper ,for myself and others to see.Did I honestly have anything of value to say? Some people sure think so…others,weren’t as forgiving in their dispensation of opinion.I would question my journey as a child , not understanding the nuances of growth,and how that takes its own measured time…to achieve a desired result…If not nurtured carefully,it becomes a real mess.
I have been in messy situations because of less than appropriate expression at times.But,hey,God looks at me ,and says “She’s My mess…..!”Watch Me work in her….Dare me ,question me,or think you have all the answers regarding her,and I WILL show you,what I Will do in her.”I may not have always been the perfect child….mother….or friend…all those things had differing degrees of difficulty,depending on who it was with ,and what the circumstances were.There were times I just asked God …”Take me HOME…”Obviously ,His answer was “Not yet..”I have cried tears of immense pain ,but the worst was emotional pain ,I think…because there was no seemingly available cure….just time ….and Faith…He would work it out.It wouldn’t be pretty,seeing my heart ripped out ,as I would hurt someone I love ….and they were heart wrenched too.One time , was one time ,too many.
I cannot erase the past….I cannot start from day 1,I have to keep trying every single day.I don’t know how to do anything else.I have read recently that some psychologists believe that writing is one of those things which increases your intelligence..(and maybe your happiness level.)All I know that it was for practicing your cursive writing skills ,and how to write letters.Then how in the world did we get all sorts of books , just from cursive letter writing exercises?Many a novel…..Biography or not, started out with a thought.It was how the words were formed together ,to make lyrical prose, seem eloquent.Or the mystery that unfolded ,with the adept ability of a storyteller to present it in such a manner that was uniquely their own ,yet everyone who favored such writings,could feel immersed in it ….
Some of my favorites were the Illiad and the Oddyssey,by Homer..Eerily interesting, was the stories told by the author Edgar Allan Poe..The Raven ,was required reading ,and so were some of its subordinates….or even the daring tales of Sherlock Holmes,and his cohort Watson.
Poetry is another of my favorite things…literally speaking,of course.If you knew how to rhyme…you learned it with Dr Seuss…or the green squirrel who’s friends with a Moose(I speak of Rocky and Bullwinkle ) of course.Nowadays , if someone said those names, people would shrug…if they are younger than 30….ha..age has its advantages.

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