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We now live in an age where everything is more automated(upon its own power) designed  to make things easier in life….It used to be  that an “automatic dishwasher” ,meant you  had to go to the kitchen under your own power ,and automatically  “program” yourself  to dishwasher mode….Same with Microwave ovens….they were built for speed and convenience ……so no more “slaving in a hot kitchen all day”….(now “all day ” isn’t  but 15 minutes in the appropriate size microwave  for a full fledged dinner….compared to 2-4 hours, at the stove…..)

We gravitate  toward ease  ,more than fortitude….it’s automatic to want to do things easier ,so we don’t bust our upstairs ventricles ,on such hard  thinking….

We want everything automatically when we ask…or demand….

Gone are the days where we  had patience…(what’s that????)  We are “content” to run around in a frenzy,with a ” I want it now !” attitude….it’s a real wonder anyone ever  enjoys anything anymore ,because of the automatic expectations  people put on things…

What would we do ….IF there weren’t automated teller machines…..copiers, and computers ,which now  are synced up to a computer chip…to do things one million times faster than it takes us to do it on our own …we programmed it that way…..because we demand ,it be that way.

Learning ,now has to be automatic…..no matter who the person is ….the same speed ,as if an automaton….would be capable of doing it….programmed speeds that would make  my head spin….and sometimes ,it doesn’t even  come close to what I could do….if I weren’t being beat out  by …an automatic…..response…

I know what MY automatic response would be……



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