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Words have power…

They  are the ones you use, to define if you wish to control yourself or other…One word ,has the power to uplift and rejuvenate ,even the  most tired of souls..The flip side is that they can kill….just as easily…. with such ferocious venom, it  projects helplessness to the  victim of that weapon…

They  have the ability to start a riot …or stop one… on a much larger scale  they can do the same in  war.

The words we use say more about us ,than anyone else…If our speech is vulgar ,for instance… then where is the respect ?I have to admit I struggle with this  one … because words “you wouldn’t dare say in front of your mother “,are now  a free-reign language of  their own … once respectable people have gone to the  easy guttural ,nasty language as a means to communicate … but say the word Love …and you’re a fruit……say stop cussing…and they point it around as though you are self righteous when at that moment ,you weren’t the vulgar one …..as much as you used to be…and are trying hard not to easily fall into the “trap”….

God has all the power of Life and death on His lips….He prefers  the power of loving words ,over those which  can kill…

I could elaborate,but then again….right now…I have power over my words…..



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