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Forms of entertainment

I do different things to entertain myself… or rather to occupy my mind ,engage  my motor skills…. and  sometimes I  might mix and match different things…sometimes with the  most  comedic of results.

Right now …i am listening to  music,blogging here, and eating popcorn.

I am recalling what my dad had said about me when I was little…He  told me  of how he’d prop me up on the couch….. and he could   sit there and play his trumpet ,I would amuse myself  by chatting away…all by myself…. while everyone else (my siblings) were out playing their sports,which I couldn’t play unless I  retrieved the ball… because I couldn’t catch a ball,there was always a “hole in my hand’..I was uncoordinated…they  also  were limited in the  things I could do….so I wouldn’t get hurt….we all made due..

I read a lot…..my mom  taught me how to become the  best foot massager  around….I still am, she says so-brushing my sister’s hair was entertaining for a little sister ,too….

Creative writing became required in school,in English class…. so,that is where I  picked up that penchant…Music and singing,were two of my other favorites .I can easily entertain myself ,and  it be just Max and I..(Max is  my cat)…..and I would be good with it….


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