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The waiting room

As you enter into a hospital, off the entrance, there’s a space for “waiting “..a cheerful pleasant -voiced employee greets all who enter or pass through the halls. A man sits and waits for his name to be called, for lab tests,or some other procedure recommended by his physician.

He puts the paper down, and leaves. It is early morning, as the hospital comes alive with activity.

Several minutes go by,and the once-filled chair,in which he sat,remains empty, and a few more minutes pass by before  I see a well-dressed woman sit in that same chair. She smilesaid briefly before resting her head against the wall.  She closes her eyes…but not for long,yet still long enough to lean back and smile.


I had arrived early for my own appointment, and no..not with a lab technician…rather my mental health therapist.

A nod of my own head,now greets passers-by, in the hallway. Ask me why I would be sitting in the waiting room, in another part of the hospital. where my appointment is not..the answer is..Cappuccino! Their gift shop, makes the best.Enough said!

I have finally gotten that cup of caramel flavored energy, that I sought after, as a diversion, to pass the time. After getting it,I trotted out the door, toward my original destination.

Asian get out of the elevator, I pass by my doctor’soffice

Another waiting room. Familiar faces






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