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A Life Within

I would like to think that our inward parts hold the eternal treasures ,we carry on our travel from this place (a temporary,temporal journey)…..always looking for the final destination-hoping ever so much that what we  hold has value and worth,and  isn’t a  burdensome load.

I credit the Title of this entry ,to a very gifted writer-I have only read but one or two posts…yet she  has me wanting to read  more….She expresses her own “life within”…a heart ,and soul that holds  so much ,that she  must share…..it’s  said that we should aspire to share cheerfully ,and  with a glad heart , our treasures ….and Allison Marie ,has indeed  shared with me ,what speaks from the heart…she  has a rapt audience ,because she has the ability to captivate us…without  seducing us ….To…..well… she definitely has MY attention….and I guess this is  a trait  all good writers share….the ability to keep  others engaged, by speaking  TO our hearts.

It’s an effect  of  having to reflect upon those things ,after which,we can try to make sense of who we are,why we do what we do(perfectly or not)…how we are to relate to the  world..

Understanding what our life within ourselves,to me ,at least, is the other nature,that is hidden  from the world…sometimes with good reason ,other times,to our detriment.What we reflect….from our life within, projects outward….I found  this helpful phrase  on Facebook…”Be what you would like to see more of, in this world!”(something to that effect.)A powerful statement ,worthy of more than a mere meme status….For me personally,I find this meaning in those words..my outer world,(should i wish this  to be a better place)can be a reflection of my life within, which can cause something greater,than I could  have imagined,to be a force for the common good…

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