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Love and Adoration

To be adored,is honor beyond acquaintanceship.To be loved..means to have trumped the concept of “like”.Love trumps like because it is eternal ,whereas like fails miserably  because it is fleeting….and un-sustained.Love  remains constant amid the change…Like cannot do that.It changes its mind…too much.

We have these things that pass by us,in a frenzied pace…fads,all the “rage” ,one day…history  the next.It speaks to our fickle ,unsatisfied natures….we couldn’t sustain more than a “like” if we wanted to…unless…there  was something that we couldn’t resist loving to such a degree, that faddishness….isn’t even a concern…

Love is sacrifice,and always worth  it…whether we see it readily  or not…it handles gracefully the ruts, gray hairs , aged visages…it stands firm in troubling times,and brings hope  that better days are always around the corner…

Adoration ,is a highly  coveted position…. and to be adore- able…you must be worthy to love…

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