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The Right Kind of Friend

They know you for your good mood days,and sympathize  with your bad hair days…

If you make a mistake,they know  you didn’t blow up the world,even when it seems like you did…. you just a bad accident in the microwave…..

They can laugh with you,for you(especially helpful in cases of having laryngitis),and yes about you, without any malice ….

They can imagine  when they met you….they can see what you are now….and can’t imagine the world without you…. and  make you swear that you will be around when you’re one hundred…sheesh …..I don’t want to count the rings on that tree…..

The Right Kind of friend, evens the odds in your favor,especially if you are the youngest and come after your brothers ,in birth order….and they are great at making it  easier ,for them to concede,that girls sometimes  do mature faster than boys!!!!!

They are the kind of friend ,who calls you  family,adopts you ,so you have a good home….

They will lift your spirits….. after they  lift their glass…….and say MORE please….

They will be the one  who calls you their best friend,even after  you called their boyfriend on them…. for reinforcements…..

The Right kind of friend  can scream at you, even to the point of hanging up on you….. and still….manage to be the best-est friend ever…..

because hey ,they weren’t even MAD …..at …you…

The Right kind of friend  will be the bouncer at your funeral ,should you go first…….and well….they won’t let you talk ill of the dead…..because to them ,you’ll never die…

*Talk about a life sentence ,without the possibility  of parole…….and well …it’s a good life… with the Right kind of friend!



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