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A little about me..

I come  from a decent sized family….(1-out of 6 children)…My  parents ,God  love them ,are still will us on earth….I have three great sisters…and two cool as hell  brothers…(My brothers and I are the youngest  of all 6,and we are also Triplets ,and I am THE  youngest ,of all of them…..I am 45 , was born a Midwestern gal….and henceforth , here in the Midwest ,I now reside…

At 3 weeks of  age  , I was diagnosed  with hydrocephalus..(which is “water-on-the-brain”).The symptoms were life threatening  ,back in  those  days….the prognosis was  given little  or no hope for recovery .(“no guarantees”,the doctors told my  parents)I have had 10 revisions  to date (surgeries) in which the surgeons  insert a shunt…)You wouldn’t know it by looking at me that I had this , other than  certain characteristics people knew to look for ,and a “lazy eye”….

I graduated High School …in 1995 with a GED….I was married ,and had two  kids….I still “have the kids” ,not the marriage….did that for 9-10  years…I had been homeless before … raped , and abused….

I grew up as a Methodist, and became Eastern Orthodox in 2001….and haven’t looked back since!

I started blogging o r writing in 8th grade English ,because of a required assignment….ever since that time  ,I haven’t stopped writing…..People have insisted that I should , would ,or could write a book of some sort ,merely based on the tidbits I had  written in the past.

Some are quite humorous , and light-hearted ,others being deeply  profound and provocative….I wasn’t into writing fiction……because there’s  so much that is fiction in writing ,that reality for me , has to exist  plainly ,as it is…..

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