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A Thank you note

When someone  you’ve  done something for  sends you a thank you note, it says a lot about gratitude….The  bigger the gesture ,the smaller the card…..and the reverse is also  true …a huge  card ,for a small gesture….the cards themselves don’t matter….. it’s the thought  behind them…

I had sent someone a monetary  gift ,celebrating the  event  which  had been the birth of their child…the people I sent it to…I didn’t know that well ..yet the  birth of a baby ,yields the  lengthy list of necessities…..when they start out their new life as  human beings,and need so much ….

Money seems impersonal to some…. yet the mounting costs  babies incur   in their  minute little  lives is staggering …I know I used to be one ,so did every adult on the planet ….and  uniquely ….I  had found a way to honor a kindness ,paid to me recently  due to shortage of funds ,inconveniently …. decided to utilize that motivation  ,and “pay it forward”……

The card  I chose was generic….except for the words I personally wrote in it …they are first  time parents….and being one myself ,I wrote a sentiment congratulating them on the blessed  event…..what parenthood meant to me , personally holding  one of my own children,and  what kind of people I knew they would be ….. based on their parents that I personally knew…..signed ,sealed stamped …delivered…..

The  wonderful card I received  in return , was small ,yet held an enormous amount of gratitude in it….for a gesture from someone who didn’t think much of it…. just wanted to  be the bearer of kind wishes……….and a little help …….


I am “old school” ,even at 45 ……I know that  things will soon die out as  good practices , of expressions  of polite  and loving sentiments ,will no longer hold as much meaning as the time it took for the person to think of us as they do , and consider   more things than copied and pasted memes….or  production line cliche’s…. randomly produced on a monitor…..Love takes  time …..and effort ……it is worth it………


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