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And now this…from the desk of Terrelyn

I thought I would  do this  blog  post in a different  style…. like a reporter ,at the desk,eagerly and  concisely delivering the nightly news update….with a bit of humor added……..

Today ,local eyewitnesses  saw me  approach the mailbox,and reportedly  saw me walk away, with  not  just my mail …but my next door  neighbor’s also….

The community events coordinator has  resigned today,citing lack of benefits …..the position still remains open until further notice…..

In Literary circles …”The much  talked about book….”Ramblings  of a Middle Aged Woman”, had garnered  less than  desirable accolades ,and drew more  derision from critics ,stating “It went on,and on,and on…..about……nothing!” The  author was  informed that  she needed  to make substantial effort   to curb the already fluffed up manuscript ,because   the taxing of the printing  industry  has resulted in a walk out…..””No schedule has been set for its re-release…..”

And now back  your regularly scheduled blogging program……

(see if you  get the joke….)there is one in there…..


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