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How Did I get … “here”?

I  wonder how many of us ,ask this question,to themselves..I know that we do,and since I am one out of billions of  people on earth,I can expect with an amount of certainty,that  there are  others who reflect  on that..

“Where is …”here”….?Is it the same as being  where someone else has, or is,emotionally ,physically ,or otherwise?

Here,right now ….I sit…typing away….others ,I presume are also ….I had been engaged in other pursuits ,in which I was in a “different place” than I am at this precise moment…That place, had me in it…involved,engaged in the pursuit of being productively steered in a “right direction”….as opposed to the  “here” I was at, while smoking a cigarette….which serves  nothing in particular ,or than feeding an assumption that I “needed” to have a cigarette….

I decided after being “there”,I would  “get into my  mental vehicle “and  drive away,from the “ashtray” which sits on my porch, still reeking of the after smoke cloud that infested my nostrils,and  turning my mouth into a veritable furnace….for which i know that  it holds no necessity  to make  my mouth into a furnace …. yet I succumb to the urging of  my flesh -driven,selfish nature,to do something which IS NOT ,what nature intended me to do…I visit  that place ,too often.

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