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Let Me take A moment….

And  simply say “thank you ” to those  responding to my blog in a positive way….I am new to the blogging scene … I have only done it  for about a month  now…..and it seems I am starting to find my niche……

I am blessed with all those I am able to connect with through this medium , and I hope  that I continue to be able to whet your blogging appetites… I don’t blog  much about “personal style ” or anything like that ….even though it is apparent ,even I ,have one ….

I am sometimes   deeply provoked  in my thoughts when they appear here ….. don’t worry ,there is a lifesaver  available….I don’t swim , but I don’t want to purposely drown  folks in my reverie………it is a learning experience for me to balance the  seriously deep,funny ,provocative .goofy ,twisted ,and blessed  individual that is ME…..though the  last time i lost my balance …it wasn’t pretty at all …

Many thanks to those who have  courageously decided that they would “follow ” my blog….. If my well should run dry ,feel free  to lend a hand ,and offer up suggestions, or anything  else you believe would improve this  blog …




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