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Have you ever found yourself doing this…..?

  1. Cleaning house in your pajamas…..?
  2. Caught yourself “Dancing ” in your head ,with that  one singing?…(Michael Buble)
  3. Wearing   “hospital “scrubs”  to a construction site?
  4. Scaring yourself half to death with a facial masque?
  5. Cooking  an entire meal for 8 people , because you’re mad as hell?
  6. Finding out that ,after all that effort…. they don’t show up ,until a night later….?
  7. Changing moods so fast that ,even the  cat was scared?
  8. Staring at someone with the “insert balnk stare here” look?
  9. Jamming out to “NKOTB” while blogging?
  10. Wanting to send a neurosurgical intern back to school ….?
  11. Drinking coffee you  hate,yet still it  gives you the energy you need?
  12. Picking up the cat ,dancing  with him to the Pink Panther theme?
  13. Wondering how long this list will get…and  thinking also that Feng-Shui, doesn’t apply to  expressions of explanatory blog postings…. details are needed at some point.
  14. Staring at the screen blankly …..okay ..time to BLINK….
  15. Singing”karaoke” to audition ,for a spot in a Greek choir?Being the YOUNGEST member in the “Society of Wisdom”?…Having the collective amount of jobs equal to the number of your chronological age?…..Driving yourself so crazy, that the normally crazy folks in your life seemed  to be the “sane” ones?….Lip-syncing to Byzantine  liturgical music,because  they sing so fast?…Chanting the responses in  Church ,and  you find your first note ,  you sound like you are choking the cat?
  16. Giggling at a joke someone tells you,and then having to make an announcement  over an public address system?
  17. Hearing a blonde joke ,told to you by a customer, who is a blonde(hairdresser)?
  18. Passing gas in a check-out line….in retaliation  to the the woman  behind you  in another checkout….line taking too long……
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