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I am offline in reference to what I would normally be doing at this hour.I decided to take time to contemplate what Michelle had requested of me.That’s my newest therapist.She began seeing me after Larry had decided to leave his own practice.She asked me to write …..and write anything….such a broad based request…..I wonder ,like other times before ,about people requesting to see my writings…..what interests them about how I write,as opposed to the many other “authors” out there?
Maybe it’s how I relate just “normal ” things,yet ,with my words I can make it seem “interesting?”Maybe that’s what a true writer does….just expresses whats from the inner persepective….like someone looking out a lens of a camera,and describing the vibrant colors of the sky at a sunset,that becomes the magnificent backdrop for an otherwise regular thing…..like a house for instance.Or it casts a pallete of color on an otherwise drab object,allowing someone to see it in a “whole new light”.

Light-gives life to any object or being,and how it is harnessed into something spectacular is a wonderment beyond the basic description of light reflection,or refraction……..
lustre- is a radiance or brilliance that is obtained by reflected light…..what light is reflected from an object to another is a form of communication in its simplest of words ….because in order to recieve light from something,it has to have a Source.And because the original object is reflecting itself onto another ,it is magnified!I watched a dear friend of mine ,an artist of many years my senior,show me life through his eyes…he could take a blank canvas,and with time, patience,and yes ,love, the end result was amazing….he had given me the opportunity to collaborate on a little idea I had……and he ended up with the only picture of it.he let me take a few moments of his time ,and he was the one behind my camera….It was really fun,and a neat side of him….he was loving ,regarding me too…..only a few of my family understood how I loved that man….
It wasn’t romantic,but it was a love that two friends who knew each other ,could grasp and hold onto,and not worry…..he never wanted to admit how scared he was to many people,but he did to me….as I would go check in on him,and he would take my hand,which amazed me ,the honor of such a friend,to be the one he thanked for helping him….he has no idea to this day,how much he meant to me…….and how him being in my life has changed it…forever…..maybe he is up in heaven somewhere,grinning,as he sees me typing this ….heh,I wouldn’t be the least surprised….and maybe he is the one responsible for those beautiful pictures that Tim took…..in a heavenly sort of way,after all,now he has the pallette of the heavens to work with…….who here can say THAT???
I will admit here that alot of my best writing ,had come out of painful things,maybe how I describe it,shows the expression of one describing a journey they’ve been on for so long?It gets tiring ,at times,and tears do wreak havoc with my want to be the stoic “battleship”,but I have learned that I am not a sea-faring vessel…….and I can be sunk…..I can be destroyed…..
There’s the “phoenix” reference again.Each experience we go through,can prove to keep us on the straight and narrow,or make us stumble into a mess……either way…..Our Father in Heaven,is there to guide us to where our home is,we just have to make our way there…..one step,one breath,one prayer at a time……

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