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The  word “transfiguration”….is like a metamorphic experience,if you are blessed to see such a thing…Butterflies  do it all the time…starting gout as little  larvae and  stay in their cocoon…. until the  time their  shelter gives way,for them to approach the world, fluttering and flying about,  landing on flowers….alien objects to them , yet with such familiarity they  go to that  multi- petaled perch…

Jesus in the Bible also  was  recorded ( by the  companions with Him at the time ) as being  likened to that one in bondage to its cocoon. The Visage of the One ,Shone like  no light ever could …He is the Light of the World….the Giver of Life….The  sight of Him showing His Glory to those closest to Him ,was awesome….and frighteningly Glorious at the same time…they couldn’t look upon Him….His robe He wore….. stark white….WHITER than white… how white  is that??? Brilliant  white…..no shadow….

What of the “transfigurations” of the Apostle Paul? Or  his fellow Apostles ,who directly Knew Jesus? Regular men in the  world….literally Transformed…. into someone who  would  Glorify Him …

In my lifetime…I to am being Transfigured ,into a being ,who will sing praises to God continually ….without shame…. suffering…..and without weariness…..

“The “Spirit is willing” …the “flesh is weak”.



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