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For most of us  who have enjoyed a decadent ,totally tasteful dessert…we feel enriched for the taste of such richness…..if you eat too much of it ,though,by not using moderation, your “eyes become bigger than your belly” ,as  my parents would always say ,after we had  gone  past our capacity to fill our basic need…..and end up with a severe stomach ache…and if it were worse than the ache , we  really have gone and made ourselves literally sick …..

Was going past  our limits ,worth it? In our society , we are encouraged to  seek after  “decadence”….the feasting on things.,seemingly fulfilling our “at-this-moment” desires, yet in the end ,leaving us ,engorged beyond our capacities….and distorting the  proper ,and natural hunger we are supposed to keep in our natures….

We no longer need “patience”…because whatever we “desire” is made readily available…..what used to take years , now only takes weeks ,and if you REALLY  must have that…no worries….it can be shipped  to your door the same day ….. you just pay a higher price for the convenience…. Don’t worry , because your lack of patience  keeps someone else in a job ,whether it be the maker of the item, the  packager, the shipper ,or the retailer…. YOU  can get what you want… but is it really WORTH  IT??

I remember ,watching my mother in the kitchen ….what she did , was fill a necessary  requirement…. to make sure we were fed ….what was required , was our participation ,and our patience….and our attendance …those were NON-negotiable….even her apple pie ,was “a luxury”…a sort of decadence …. yet we learned not to eat more than our fill …. or bite off more than we could chew…. we could enjoy an equal  portion  of the “decadence” ,or richness of the experience together, without unreasonable demand…..

Makes me look at dessert ,differently , you know.

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2 thoughts on “Decadence

  1. But sometimes, we can’t help but over-fed. Especially when you’re so damn hungry.

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