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Observations about people….

Are they accurate?Is what you observe  about someone  that you form  a thought about,the sum total of who they  really are? I have read ,that studies  have shown  that we  DO judge a person….way before speaking with them….by their looks ,body language , or  plainly through our own filters of culture, ideals,and moral values….and perhaps educational,religious  ,and other personalized criterion.

We automatically “decide” ,that we  ought…..to judge them , correct their version of themselves….or whatever we find in them , which makes us less inclined to address that person we should judge….which is …our self…

If you saw me standing on my porch ,smoking  a cigarette ,in my bathrobe…. with my hair not  brushed ,and my teeth  not in my mouth ….would you automatically go to that  place  where you say to yourself….”that person is revolting….disgusting ,neglectful …..and nasty looking??” They Don’t care about themselves….I shouldn’t go near them????

On the other hand, the observation could be reversed, about a “well-dressed” person…..why do they dress so “well”….are they  trying to prove something?

I know there are days ,where I can stay in my bathrobe ….all day….never exit  my home…. and  you would never know …because you would never see me  on those days …. the closed door …..you cannot see through….it is locked… the image of me ….not visible for your “critique”…..is my being behind the door ,far from your sight , a wonderment to you? Make you curious ,as to who “lives” there?  Don’t worry …today …my door is closed … for the moment…. I am not  lounging in the bathrobe …. my hair IS  brushed ,and pulled back ….and I have  my attire I have chosen ,for the  day ,adorning my  figure…. and it is just as comfortable as that bathrobe …yet ,should I walk outdoors , it is “acceptable ….. for propriety’s sake …..


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7 thoughts on “Observations about people….

  1. The world is filled with judgement these days and unfortunately it ranks first and replaces giving somebody any time of the day. We live in a hectic world that does not allow to take time out of getting to know somebody and there is an art to slowing down. Judgement is often the furthest from the truth but perception and truth to the one that doesn’t know any better but to judge. Sadly…

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