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Rainy day things…

It’s a cloudy ,rainy  day here in my corner of the field……..the leaves on the trees ,are  getting their  watering , the birds,are quieted , huddling in their nests away from the gloom…Me, on the other  hand….I need a little  light on this cloudy day…. to prevent the probability of  going back to my  own nest…….(translation=go bury myself  under a blanket….. and huddle with my pillows.) With that in mind, here is a picture I took (not with my Phone) with a digital camera…

My companion for that  day ,was actually  my brother in law…he and I  went for a drive …. and I was able to capture this one beautiful scene……It was before I moved to my apartment ,where I reside now….A perfect image , for a day like this…I think.



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One thought on “Rainy day things…

  1. Very serene and beautiful

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