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Who I was VS. Who I am Now..


Who  I was:Naive

Who I am Now :Matured


Who  was: Delayed

Who I am Now: All caught up


Who I was:Challenged

Who I am Now: A Real Challenge


Who I was: Afraid to speak

Who I am Now: Speaking for Myself


Who I was:Fighting for Life

Who I am Now: Fighting for My Life


Who I was: Seeking  Acceptance

Who I am Now:Accepting Myself


Who I was:Crushed by external forces,influences ,or people

Who Am I: A force to be reckoned with !


Who I was: A puzzle people couldn’t figure out.

Who I am Now :Not wanting to be “figured out”!


Who I was :Misunderstood

Who I am Now : Full of Understanding


Who I was :Needy

Who I am: Knowing what I need.




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2 thoughts on “Who I was VS. Who I am Now..

  1. Very brave of you to put yourself out there and own yourself. I wish I knew myself as well, but I’m sure it will come in time 🙂

  2. Beautiful 👍🏼❤️

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