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My Kind of “Crazy”

It’s funny when I want to be,and knows when I don’t need to be. It is a creative little pet, which comes when called,spontaneously…unexpectedly,but not all of the time . My kind of crazy has its own language,(a known language…)

It  is “hip” but  not hanging off the hip….off the cuff ,but not staining it….it’s the punch in the punchline….the opportunist in the opportunity….and knows how to get that priceless look…or response….sometimes,no response is the best one….it just depends.

It is a proper linguist sometimes, with an “aristocratic “air”. Bring out the Febreze..

Its personality is just like mine,it is a kindred sport. It doesn’t take offense, because there’s way too many people to do that..If I illicit ,or unleash it at the right time …It is a certainty that  there will be an eye-roll,belly-laugh,or just a grin …that’s good enough for me…

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4 thoughts on “My Kind of “Crazy”

  1. Sounds crazy enough.. ha.. ha. 🙂

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