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The Irony of it all…

When everyone was young, we all dreamed of things we would do …when we grew up.The irony in that statement some never do…some never grow ,some never  do…

Ironically ,enough there is a song  by Alanis Morrisette ,entitled..”Ironic”…she  really nailed that one …

Listen to the song once and you’ll get the idea… some of these things are just  sad  little ironies…yet they happen in spite of  our dreams and plans …it’s as if someone says  ,”Oh yeah, you  planned that one out , didn’t you?” Yet ironies , can have silver  linings….

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2 thoughts on “The Irony of it all…

  1. Life is ironic in many ways but you still have the choice if you let it bitter you or if you believe in the silver lining. I once heard that you attract what you believe and I do believe that a positive outlook makes it easier to go through life’s ironies.

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