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The Joke’s on……who?

Finding humor in a sinful world , which leans toward PC terms, appropriate behavior (as if!!)can be a daunting task…Since when was “politics” ever “correct”? You mean there’s a foreign policy document,  that lays out said proposals….  for cleaning up our comedic “act”? yeah,sure ,ok…Promises,promises….

Is the joke on them or us?

Even with “regular” people , we  can find  that not so funny bone….and their faces really do show the tenseness they exude…They should really ,just laugh once a day….find the humor ..in something…. Some studies show,that those  who laugh regularly, liver  quite a bit longer than those who don’t. I’m serious …..

When I get too serious,which does happen ….there is always someone to make me laugh…either they tell the joke….or I do ….either way ,both sides win..

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