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Being cynical about life ,when it seems as though there is no reprieve ,or when life deals you less-than-you-desire , is a bad place to be….I don’t want  to be that person,residing in that place…I have had my bad trip through the “demented” tulips,and  got a rusty nail, for all my troubles.I have been to that dead end street, before…..good news, I could leave  by making a “you-turn”….and speed  like a bat out of hell ,from that place,away from regret avenue,or any of  the “side-streets” associated  with it ….a very bad  part of town ,in my humble opinion.

When I used to say,” I didn’t need  “someone” ….the undercurrent  was muddied with regret  over what I had done in that relationship ,as well as what was done  to me ….It wasn’t the right place for me to be….my “emotional” address was listed as : 1000 Cynicism Way,Nowhere ,zip-code  zero….It wasn’t profitable…all I got from it was loss…I wasted my  precious time on an investment which was useless,and dilapidated….A real “lemon”,and the “lemonade ” was  nothing  but pure bile…. trust me .

Cynics are magicians,  they can  turn anything into “critical”mass”…(I am using the words ,with a  certain nuance  to it …)They  become professional “critics”, of everything…except being critical of  their own  critical mindset ….anything that goes to “critical mass stage:” is bound to  have an explosive effect ,sooner or later,leaving nothing but destruction ,and possible extinction of their own spirit…..

What kind of “investment” is that? All it leads to is a crash with no survivors…….

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