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We all have something or someone  which greatly influences our thinking….and how we act. Of course ,we know that. What influences me ,may or may not influence you.

The main influences in my life…are Faith,Love,and Hope….and the active examples of those attributes I see in the people around me ,or more close to home…myself.Sometimes we might think an influence is not  “harmful” ,in one instance , eventually finding out that the opposite is true…it wasn’t such a good idea,to let that person,ideal,or thing be that much of an influence  over us…I have said that,believe me  it is reflected in the choices I made;I own them whether I was the direct player in it or not.

I have also been either that influence for  bad ,or for good in people’s lives. I have to admit that right here.There’s no halo on me.There’s no good defense for a lot of it ,yet ,  I do pray  that someone is a positive influence in the “Mercy” department,despite my flawed thinking  and actions  projected to them. I am certain they also feel the same ,as human beings…

Structure, influences me to keep the “vigil’, though I have a lot of work to do,I haven’t “perfected ” that ,yet.

I believe ,that because of Grace. which was given to me ,at times where there was no way I could’ve earned it back ,or anything I did, would give me  1st place in the  “worthy” department…would teach me to influence others  in the same manner.

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