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Women in the service industry….

I was ONE of those…..My status is  to date :”Depleted!”….Un-able……I remember  my working in several restaurants,grocery stores (Fast Food, Diners,etc.) I had found out all those experiences left me  with a similar taste in my mouth , especially ,when working with other women. In the early days  of my work experience, they size you up…(in a catty sort of way…) If they don’t like something about you , they WILL find a way to be rid of you…especially if  you have a DECENT work ethic…..It’s like middle-school  again…..If you don’t gossip, you aren’t sociable….you’re a threat to their coven….. because they turn into some wicked witches….and they do their best to leave you being cursed.

There were a few kindred ,ethical souls ,out there when I was employed…but generally ,the majority ,didn’t know how to act, in a supervisory  or  team-mate capacity…I will cite one particular instance  here and now … I had worked for a small private restaurant,and there was myself ,another crew member ,the assistant manager….and the store manager…the owner made a stop  in …later in the evening ….

One morning we had gotten to the restaurant…. the goal …do all the prep for the incoming lunch crowd, and it had to be done ,correctly….I knew my job ,and stuck to it …..During the course of that morning ,the assistant ,had been expressing her dis-pleasure  with the male gender ,specifically… boyfriends…. After which  she felt  she wasn’t  getting the moral support , she turned to me ,and asked me  if  I and my then current beau …..had “done …IT’ yet….I swept it aside ,politely ,expressing to her that work was not a proper place to engage in such things….

Awhile later ,we all sat down to a morning break,before actual opening ….and she sits there and asks me ……AGAIN…..  I was getting a bit tepid under my T-shirt collar…but I held myself back…..and ,this time ….wrote her a decently worded advisement …..that  didn’t  allow her to be privy to such  sensitive information …

An hour or so later….in the middle of the busy lunch rush….tight quarters…and she  picks that time to really register her complaints…..against the male gender…..I  said low enough to her to SILENCE or shut it up(Name here)……..NOW….

She persisted ,and turned to me and then ,was in my face…nose to nose….. and included the  gentleman I  had just begun to date in her list of scathing remarks….At that point….I LITERALLY LOST it ….she was TOAST….I told her ,”I wish I was a MAN…..” …because she made me ashamed to be in the same GENDER CLASS  as her…. and that if I was one ….(man)…I stated what my intentions would be,if I were a man  … (it wasn’t pretty …..and I got sent to MY ‘ROOM” ,by our 4’8″ boss……..) she  was half laughing …. and I explained why I could no longer hold in my fury another second…..and that ,management should NOT be permitted to do as she did ….. This boss did take care of it…


I did  find another job…

At the 7-11,across the street…..they were hiring……anyway…


I have worked with good women …who didn’t gossip , too ….those are honorable enough….to earn my respect…and I was honored to work with them ….

You’d have to imagine this kind of interaction….. and what muster it took me ,NOT to use actual physical force  on the assistant…..so I gave her a veritable ,verbal drop-kick in her “softies” to stop the situation….

My buddy the cook … a very tall ,very QUIET ,and very observant African  american man ,looked down at me and asked me if i was okay…I said that I would be , but I must now go “to my room ,” because I was a very bad girl”…He grinned and said to me “Shorty,I didn’t know you  had it in …. you….”

I guess he found out …that I did!


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5 thoughts on “Women in the service industry….

  1. It sounds as if I’m reading about my life and I can relate being in similar situations. I’m not one to gossip or put others down, which often also makes me stand out with people struggling to relate to me. I want to do a great job but have no need to compete. Again something most don’t relate to and think I just have no drive. And as far as working with women…much harder and complex.

  2. She left me little recourse, honestly. …and I don’t cotton to the after work bitch-fests that rnsued,before we could even walk out the door. That was a different job entirely. ..

  3. I hate when women bring up family things on shift…are you paid to ask me about my kids or my life,while you’re not doing your job?

  4. I must be a real ” hardass”

  5. I am there to work. ..that’s what I would get paid for…if I want to get paid to talk and gossip, I’ll get my own talk show. .

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