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A quote from “Ray”

Let me explain who “Ray” is…I was working as a Cashier at a local Goodwill store ,many  years ago….I used to have my bicycle  locked up ,and I would  unlock it  when I got out of work ….there was also the grocery store , next to the Goodwill… when I got off ,I would go over to the store if I needed anything on the way home….familiar faces ,ans  many hellos/goodbyes later…. I would trot out , to my bike …and there would be “Ray” ….the onsite security guard…we’d get to talking …he was very easy to talk to …very amiable….

One night we had a profound  conversation …..and something to note… he was very  eloquent , many worded phrases….almost as if he’d be rehearsing a sonnet , from Shakespeare….I  giggled….and  because i was amused at how he ,my friend would phrase things….I said ,”Ray…..you’re great at describing some things….the ending of this  is with his phrasing …after  I had asked him ,how he saw….me!

He said I see you as …”A true,rare and benevolent,dispensation,of heavenly wonderment!”

It has been interesting to fill the shoes , that are  worthy,to walk in life  …with a compliment ,such as this….!!!!!

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