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Funny Business..

I would like to share some funny things with you ,as I have seen them ,or others have….I am about to tell on myself… so it’s not considered “gossip”, okay?

1.When I was much younger, my dad said  to me ,”I am going out,hold down the fort ,watch the house ,til I get back,okay?” I went and got a lawn chair and sat in the driveway, my dad comes back some time later ,and asked me what I was doing….I said I was  watching the house ,as he told me to do.”

2.When I was working at a fast food restaurant,I was a biscuit maker, for Hardee’s ,back in the day…us biscuit makers, got up as early as the Dunkin Donuts guy, but instead of  “gotta go make the donuts”…it was ,”gonna go make those biscuits.” One morning I  had worked up such a thirst, I reportedly walked out from my station ,and went  up to the front counter….A lovely little cashier ,and best friend of mine  replied to me ,when I snappily  blurted out ,”I need a drink!”…she asked me “Honey ,okay what do you want?”,and THEN she turned around,to see me COVERED,head-to-toe in Biscuit flour….my uniform and aprons  original color  could NOT BE SEEN…

She heard  our esteemed Assistant Manager ,ask her what was wrong ,because of her surprised response….to what she saw…she whispered to him ,”Turn around,and LOOK,for yourself!” He did ,and he saw me …like that ….and he said,”Who was THAT?” She replied,”THAT was YOUR SISTER!!!!”..even funnier  still… was the fact that as I walked away ..I had trailing behind me ,every step …. biscuit  flour…..(when he turned back around to her, he asked ,”Do we have enough biscuits?” )

3.Never have employee “orientation” while I am mopping the floor ,at the local Burger King….. because I can mis- step ,and  sit in the mop bucket ….and need to change my uniform…. afterwards….Now that’s something to train  people  on!

4.Those  witches with motion sensors, should be OUTLAWED… I tell ya…but they are great for an April Fool’s near Halloween… it was tested on me …and I almost needed a change of uniform after that…thanks to the hijinx  of my co-workers ,at 7-11….. and the magical moment ,when we  got together and tried it on our ever so serious boss…. after I recovered from my shock of it being done to me… the witch thing…was re-positioned …. and then the boss ,went to the office ,and we saw him almost jump out of his skin …thanks Cindy ,and Jim for that  memorable moment …I am still laughing 8 years later…

**** more to come I am assured…as I think of them I will post more….you had to be there, or be me …in order to understand the concept of humor ….most of these ,I laugh at myself in the situations…

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One thought on “Funny Business..

  1. haha……….. I love it that’s funny. makes me remember some things when I was training for different jobs lol

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