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Flying in the Clouds(A short story)

The alarm went off ,buzzing loudly in her ear…”Oh,no”, she said,frustrated, as her feet hit the floor,”I am going to miss my flight!!!” She had carefully  put her clothes  out the night before, and afterward  lay down to sleep…she was exhausted ,mostly  with the  anticipation of the next day’s happenings…She had flown before, but this was to be , in essence a new chapter in her life….Ciara had hoped for so long,the opportunity that  she had wanted  to  come to fruition ,was FINALLY  here…

Ciara rushed about , hopping around  with one heel on her well manicured feet,and the other  in her hand…..she had chosen a professional ,yet feminine suit … of Ivory linen, to go with her heels ; it’s crispness  was a comfort to her some how…

She finally exited the hotel room….and  walked down the hallway to the elevator ,and as she was waiting , a man appeared  beside her, tall ,and  well dressed ,yet casual in appearance .He greeted her ,and his  voice instantly reminded her of someone ,she met long ago…she exchanged the greeting ….as she and he ,entered into the elevator to go to the parking garage…they  ended up pressing the buttons almost at the same time , awkwardly, but in a funny sort  of way ….both were  fumbling for the words ,”I’m sorry”…

The elevator door opened as he bid her  a safe journey  getting off  on  his designated floor,he exited  the elevator to go down a hallway ,and disappeared out of her sight…Ciara,finally was alone with her thoughts ,but only for a few seconds ,before she heard the elevator chime  for her floor …there she was ,on her way out…

It was a cloudy summer day in August ,and the humidity in the air hit her  with such force ,that it almost  became unbearable to breathe….she fumbled  for her keys ,and her cellphone rings….a voice on the other end asks her if she has  gotten to the airport…”No”, she  replied. She  stated  hurriedly  to the voice on the other end ,she  hadn’t  got to her car yet…but she would be  ,shortly.

Ciara hung up from the  phone call ,and turned her thoughts to the  task at hand…getting  to the airport on time…. she had made certain she had at least  an hour to spare , but since she had gotten off to a tardy start ,the clock was ticking …as  her heart was pumping out its emotional response.”Focus”,she said to herself. “You know that you have waited a long time for this”. She would be flying to a new place , with new people ,and  it was  nothing like her hurried pace , that she had  come to know as her normal…she had never been there…. as  an adult ….she was  born there ,though…she had no  recollections of it as a child … in it, there lay an opportunity for her to see where  she came from …and that was something  she had longed to know….


She  parked the car at the terminal, of the airport , where  a baggage attendant helped her with her luggage… she looked around  the massive airport ,scanning for the sign that would lead her to the gate,where  she would depart from…She  found the airline desk , and gave the  receptionist her ticket… taking deep breaths , as the woman   kindly   talked to her ,and said  to her ,”Enjoy your flight”..

She eventually  found the gate…. and  took a seat. there were  several people sitting there ,among them were  a couple with a small child, a  twenty something college student , and an elderly couple. She noticed each ,and how they  looked… to keep  from overthinking  her task ..Over the public address system ,she heard the number of her flight,and  turned to see an airline employee,   making the announcement over the loudspeaker…

She stood  up , and  carefully  got herself together…. “Here we go.”,she said in her thoughts….”No turning back now!”….She boarded the plane , and found her seat…and  lifted her  carry-on ,into the overhead compartment above her seat….which was next to a man sitting there , deeply engrossed in his reading….

Ciara sat down into the seat,and set her purse on the floor…under her seat…she looked up then to see the man next to her  had put his reading  away ,and was perusing her ,instead.She decided to  say “hello” ,to him …and he returned the pleasantry. They talked for a moment ,before the stewards had  taken to the aisles, for the announcements…

“Maybe ,I  will get some sleep on this flight”, she thought to herself….the plane  was now  getting ready for the engines to burst  out with that familiar sound of ramping up ,and  propelling them  into the sky above….

A stewardess came to her side ,asking if she was comfortable . Ciara replied ,”Yes”, I would like a red wine if  you have one ,though”. She thought the warming effect  of the alcoholic beverage  would  dull her  anxious thoughts, now  equivalent in  speed as that of the engines on the aircraft…. The man next to her ,glanced momentarily at her features  once more,questioningly , then  went back to  his reading….

At 30,000 feet ….the sun always shines ,and when the plane had reached that height , Ciara leaned over  toward the gentleman next to her to get a glimpse of the view ….and  they brushed up against each other…. apologies exchanged , she  continued to look out his window… mesmerized…. at the sight of the  aircraft effortlessly   gliding among the clouds. She thought to herself ,”This is where angels walk….” and  she sighed….closing her eyes… hoping she would always remember that sight….

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3 thoughts on “Flying in the Clouds(A short story)

  1. i enjoyed reading this, I would like to know more about Ciara and her flight in the clouds

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