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Flying in the Clouds(part 2)

Ciara blinked,as she sat in the seat, looking out the window…the man next to her, now in a restful state of reclining ,so she had a better  view ,as they flew in the airplane.She chided  herself  for being so silly earlier because she had flown many times before, that  this time ,”should be a  piece of cake”,she reminded herself. This time was different than the others. Those were strictly business,and nothing more. Ciara had grown  up and  became a woman , and her profession ,was something of a man’s profession, yet, she was up to a challenge.She began to think back to her younger years, being the one girl in drafting class, and succeeded ,at least  to impress her teacher….She  could draft anything…Odd shaped buildings  that bring  contrast to an otherwise mundane setting of  straight up  buildings with no flair or style…that was her thing. yet again , she had become known for her ability to also see the historic  relevance of  some of the world’s finest architecture… She had hoped to create  something  spectacular ,using her talents…

She was brought  back from her reverie , by a voice  close to her…..

“Miss, are you awake…?” Ciara had  dozed off,and the gentleman next to her gently  nudged her….”Miss,I need to get up, could you move? She nodded politely..and unbuckled her seat belt ,and stood up…as she  did, the plane jolted,  for a split second ,causing  Ciara  to sit back down….Stunned, she  glanced at the man next to her.She steadied herself…. and tried again…this time with success..the gentleman  thanked her  as  she got up ,and moved  to give him access to the aisle… She sat back down….and looked out the window..It was dusk  now ,and the sky darkened …the clouds dancing  in the air….the moon shone brightly, casting an ethereal  glimmer on the  white tipped clouds…she never felt  more relaxed  than seeing this ….making her former thoughts vanish ,into  thin air.

Ciara had sat in the window seat , for only a few moments before the man  came back.He had seen her face ,as she looked out the window.He wondered to himself..”What  transpired so much in such short time , that I should come back to  this mundane  life  setting ,and see a beautiful face ,such as that…full of wonder and awe , surprisingly mature ,yet ,in her eyes at that moment was the twinkling  , that of an awestruck  child.

He wondered to himself ,the last time he had felt like that.It certainly wasn’t in an airplane…yet,here he was ,seeing Ciara, enthralled,he smiled.He approached her ,and she went to get up ,and he  said ,”No it’s okay”. “You go ahead and sit there.”

Not long after that ,they heard over the intercom , the message from the captain, announcing they were now approaching the  airport,and  making their descent…Ciara’s gaze steadied ,at the clouds, not wanting to miss  one moment ,and within several minutes, they  were enveloped into the clouds…….the former  image  replaced by a fog-like  cloud surrounding their plane…she shuddered …she hated this part…descents.

Soon, she  could see  lighted dots, that were street lamps ,and  the markers on the runway….she braced herself…and the plane landed….and  made its entry to the gate.

They sat in their seats  for a few  more minutes, and  as they waited, her cellphone rang …it was the earlier voice on the  other end….telling her they were  waiting for her at the gate. Ciara, exhausted, looked over to the man next to her, and  thanked him for accompanying her  on the flight… they exchanged names …. and said their good-byes,and disembarked.

Ciara, was never so happy to be on solid ground…she  hastily made her way   through the  airport , to find her companion, they  got  her baggage , loaded it,got in the car…and drove away.

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